EA Sports marches the big numbers out onto the field, announcing that as of this week, more than 500 million online sports games have been played since the '09 line launched last June.

EA Sports titles have gone crazy online this year, with the 500 million plus games being played representing a jump of 175% over the previous year, with 2.2 million games being played on average each day. These numbers represent the entirety of the EA Sports lineup, from American football to European football and everything in between. Why the big jump? EA Sports president Peter Moore knows the score.

"Online game play allows real-time competitions with fans from around the world who speak the global language of sports. EA SPORTS is committed to providing personal access to the emotion of sports by continuing to create immersive online features, compelling new downloadable content and daily real-time stats updates."

And the numbers don't end there! Six separate EA Sports titles have more than 500,000 registered online users, with Madden and FIFA boasting more than 2.4 million apiece. Since last summer, gamers have spent more than 4 billion minutes playing EA Sports titles a day, with more than 35 years worth of games being played each day.

In other words, sports gamers are insane. We knew this, and we love them anyway.