Xbox 360 title Ninety-Nine Nights is getting a sequel with the clever temp title Ninety-Nine Nights II. As you can tell by these screenshots, the game's visual hook is equally clever: light and dark.

So original!

As we previously posted, the game is currently 50 percent finished and slated for release sometime this year. The game system, the graphics, the production, the action and pretty much every thing has been polished up since the previous title.

The first Ninety-Nine Nights was designed by Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who apparently isn't that involved in this title. That game had colors and this one doesn't. Instead, Ninety-Nine II has smoke. Hooray for smoke.

光と闇の戦いが再び幕を開ける 『ナインティナイン・ナイツII(仮題)』 [Famitsu]