To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Spring Thunder Snow

I know retailers like to make crazy stupid markups, just to offer an even crazier-stupider "discount" that's still 15 percent above cost, but man, saving $230,541 on Wii Sports Resort? Who's GameStop selling it to, the Pentagon?

Thanks to reader Kai for the tip. I checked the page this morning and the six-figure savings were still up. And here is the calvacade of headlines from the past weekend.

Claim: NFL Players Now Intend to Sue Madden, EA
Pip-Berry 3000
Prank Rated A for Blood, Comic Mischief, Cop Involvement
Looks Like Beatles Rock Band Footage From Here ... [Update]
Well, That's One Way to Sell a Super Nintendo
What Would You Show to Someone Who's Never Seen a Game?


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