If only Sega's PlayStation 3 game Valkyria Chronicles were more popular in the US, then we could get cool stuff like a licensed release of the upcoming anime or nifty capsule figurines like these.

These fan-service swimsuit-wearing toys are a second set of capsule figurines to go with the more modestly-dressed first set released last August. The outfits are based on an unlockable report chapter where the members of Squad 7 hit the beach.

Except Selvaria and Edy — those outfits are totally from the imaginations of the character design team since neither character appears in that report chapter. Selvaria, I get (why wouldn't you seize an excuse to see that in a bikini?), but Edy? I'm not sure why she's getting so much attention. She even has her own mission in the new DLC chapters.

The figurines are in Japanese capsule machines now at 400 yen ($4) a pop.

Gallia's Finest… In Bathing Suits, Sega's New Valkyria Chronicles Figures [Siliconera]