Capcom and GameStop took over Union Square in downtown San Francisco for their Resident Evil 5 launch event, which didn't have nearly enough zombies.

I guess some of the people in these pics kinda look like zombies. That soulless, glazed look and pasty skin might have had more to do with my camera's flash settings, though.


The highlight of the evening was the Scream Booth competition. I'm not sure if they were measuring it by decibels or what — but there were an awful lot of 13-year-old girls waiting around for their turn. Actually, there were separate categories for gender. Good thing, too — everyone knows ladies shriek the loudest when the zombie apocalypse kicks off.

The winners each got a spiffy RE5 jersey, which I bet is way more fashionable than the t-shirts the press got sent home with. Swag cat was disappointed. Oh, and ten points if you can name the guys signing autographs: