Pardon what's amounting to graverobbing on this, but David over on Kotaku AU has dug up some screenshots of Pandemic's cancelled Dark Knight game, again from the portfolio of a former developer.

3D artist Michael Pryor was a former employee at Pandemic Brisbane, where he was working on an "unreleased title" that we now know is the ill-fated Dark Knight game. Despite moving on to Pandemic LA, where he's now working on Saboteur, Pryor's personal website still has a ton of screenshots from what's obviously the Batman game (you can even see the monorail), showing off his work in creating buildings for the title.


Again, you won't see Batman, but again, you'll also get a look at how the game was shaping up before the plug was ultimately pulled on the project.

Rumour: Is This Pandemic's Dark Knight Game? [Kotaku AU]