If you predicted that the DSi would be a failure in Japan – that it would somehow fail to capture Japan's DS-mad buying attention – turns out you were wrong. So wrong.

Sales figures published by Enterbrain reveal that since launch 1,062,416 DSi handhelds have found their way into Japanese homes. So, no, not a failure.

While they were at it, Enterbrain also provide lifetime sales figures for the entire DS family.

DS - 6,449,206
DS Lite - 17,348,252
DSi - 1,062,416

Add those up and you get a grand total of 24,859,874. Not quite the one-for-every-Japanese-person figure you may have been expecting, but still, it's a lot.


ニンテンドーDSiが発売から約2ヵ月で国内累計販売台数100万台を突破!(エンターブレイン調べ) [Famitsu]