Capcom's preorder enticement for Bionic Commando gives you everything except a time machine for you to go back to elementary school and be awesome all over again.

My former next-door neighbors sent this puppy over this week. Unlike many SWAG posts this, actually, is indeed (S)hit (W)e (A)ll (G)et — if you pre-order Bionic Commando through Gamecrazy. Capcom says it is part of a very limited run.


Gamestop has some pre-order goodies as well; you can get a set of two Bionic Commando patches.

The awesomeness of this lunchbox really deserves to be singled out for praise. The first lunchbox I ever begged for was a metal G.I. Joe one with a flip-n-sip Thermos. And Capcom pays such a tremendous tribute to it and others of that era. Any toy-themed lunchbox relied on concept art that never matched up, literally, to what you actually played with in the sandbox. So while that may be Bionic Commando's original box/cartridge art, I can't help but look at Radd Spencer's left arm and think, wait a minute, my action figure doesn't look like that.

The edge art features Radd swinging through the original Bionic Commando's first area:

And the back, oh, well ... ROGER THAT AND HELL YES, SOLDIER.

Old School Style Bionic Commando Preorder Items! [Capcom-Unity]