And our arcade diorama-rama is in full swing. Reader Ed sent this pong creation.

For this contest, you can use anything you like to create your diorama: paper, toys, whatever. All we ask is that you made an arcade-themed diorama and include a Kotaku and Arcade Mania sign so that we know you made it and not your dog or something.


Take a picture and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. There will be three winners, and all will win a copy of Arcade Mania straight from Japan. Everyone else will get INTERNET FAME. Reader Ed gets his own bag of INTERNET FAME with this Pong entry. He writes:

I hope it's OK I sent Pong. It's not a Japanese arcade game.

Totally okay, Ed! It is an arcade game, and that's all that matters. Hit the jump for another pic that shows moveable paddles.


Arcade Mania is now available.