505 Games Announces Puzzle Quest 3, Coming Out This Year

Don’t give me hope.
Don’t give me hope.
Illustration: 505 Games

Earlier this month, publisher 505 Games acquired Infinity Plus Two, the Australian studio that created the hybrid match-three/RPG series Puzzle Quest. This morning 505 Games announced Puzzle Quest 3, a free-to-play sequel that takes place 500 years after the original.


A direct follow-up to 2007 surprise hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Puzzle Quest 3 will once more see players traveling across the world of Etheria, competing in 1-on-1 battles against fantasy creatures by combining gems to harvest resources, used to cast powerful spells and abilities. The official announcement mentions a “3D game world,” which is new to the series, as well as some sort of gameplay twist that is not explained. I suppose we’ll find out more as we get closer to the initial mobile and PC release. Here’s a teaser trailer.

As one of the original game’s biggest, most passionate fans, I am very cautiously excited as hell. I worry about what the switch to free-to-play means. What will the monetization look like? Collectible characters? Purchasable power-ups? I shudder to think. On the other hand, it’s a numbered sequel and not another free-to-play licensed spin-off like Marvel Puzzle Quest, and it’s being developed by the original studio, so I have hope.

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I love Puzzle Quest! It was such a great game. I think it gets lost in the talk about match 3 game, as does pretty much everything that isn’t Bejeweled, Candy Crush, or Garden/Homescapes. A huge point of concern is 505 Games though. They’ve been up to some fuckery of late. I really hope this doesnt turn into a f2p game or be like Puzzle Quest 2.