So that thank-you note thing was weird. Yeah, it's a nice gesture, but the wording and the tone, I dunno ... it reads like the kind of apologetic, elephant-in-the-room e-mail a guy would write to a woman he disappointed with lousy sex the night before. Oh, Ninty, we know we can be difficult to please, and we know you'll do better next time. Muwah. A.J., our new San Francisco correspondent, rode some ferry boat and got a bottle of Cristal and a massage and a look at Godfather II; Microsoft had some 'splainin to do re: Final Fantasy XIII and Asia; and Midway and NCsoft joined forces to send like 100 developers to the Austin, Texas unemployment office this week. Those plus some other highlights, with the full list of Kotaku Originals on the jump. Godfather II First Impressions NCsoft Lays Off 21 Godfather II: The Don Treatment Microsoft Clarifies Final Fantasy XIII Asia Version Clarification Midway Boss Explains Lay-Offs, 'Career Criminal' Cancellation To Rank And File Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner Review Braid Review: Time, Time, Time, See What You've Done To Me? Spite Bowl and Taco Bell: Ruminations on a More Social MaddenEpic's New Game – President Tells All The Odd Couple - EA & Grasshopper or Suda 51 & Shinji Mikami Celebrity Sports Showdown Impressions Halo 3 Plasma Pistols Boogie SuperStar – Objectifying And Empowering Tween Girls Everywhere Tetris, Spore, Scrabble and Sudoku – EA's iPhone lineup Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Wii Impressions Battlefield Heroes – Battling The Stigma Of Battlefield I Am 8-Bit And So Is The Rest of Hollywood Capcom Still Has "Ace Up Its Sleeve" For Bionic Commando Texas Gamer: U.S. Arcades Never Say Die! On the Road to PAX Best Buy Fallout 3 Pre-Order Goodie WoW Gold Site Advertises With Gnome Corpses Patapon and Oblivion Get Budget Priced In Japan Activision Blizzard's Preliminary Self-Tender Results Tropic Thunder Movie Pimps Wii, Gaming Frankenreview: Madden NFL 09 (PS3) Brett Farve? No EA, It's Brett Favre Madden 09 Launch - GameStop Goes The Extra Yard NBA Ballers Lead Designer Leaves Midway Nintendo Says "Thank You" For Watching Its E3 Press Conference EA Announces New Puzzle/Adventure DS Title China Brings Bullshots To The Olympics First Details On The New Batman Game Ninja Gaiden II Freezing Problems, Temporary Solutions Midway Axes 80 to 90 in Austin? Limited-Edition Pokemon DS Pack Announced! Fallout 3 Cleared For Australian Release [Update]