To: Crecente From: Bashcraft The Olympics are going to start soon! Aren't you excited? Man, I love the Olympics. They're a good time. Kinda sad to hear this is the last year time that baseball will be an Olympic sport. I know it's not big in Europe (well, they play it in the Netherlands!), but it's big in North America, Latin America and Asia — that should count for something. Pretty sure that more people play it competitively than, say, table tennis. Rather shitty that they dropped baseball from the Olympics, don't cha think? What you missed last night Next Team Ico Game is "Really, Really Good" Rumor: Microsoft Avatar Creator Art Murder Suspect Too Busy Playing Guitar Hero To Notice Impending Arrest Old People? Ha! You Can Keep 'em! Sony Wants PS2 Owners... Thailand Pulls Grand Theft Auto After Murder There Are "No Plans" For Yoda v Vader In Soul Calibur IV