To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Talking To A Tummy (It Moves!) Trish and I were walking the dogs this morning when we saw our son riding his bike down the path toward us. As he zipped by us I heard the unmistakable flapping of a baseball card striking the spokes of a back tire. How funny, I thought, I remember doing that when I was a kid. Then I got a closer look: It was a Pokemon card. Don't worry, it was just an Energy card! What you missed: E308 Sega Can't Bring Back or Make Sequels to Previous Platinum/Clover Games Splinter Cell: Conviction Delayed EA, DC Bring Mirror's Edge To Comic Books Hasbro Sues Over Scrabulous Facebook Game Is This Guitar Hero: World Tour's Setlist? Spore E-Card Creator Goes Live, Makes You An E-Card God Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Hits This Month Liveblogging Will Wright Discussing His Inner Otaku At Comic-Con Insomniac: There Are Many Ways to Get Into Resistance 2 Beta What happened to Fatal Frame 4 At E3? Metal Gear Online Tournament Hits Comic-Con, Kojima Signs Stuff