I'm not sure why it's breaking news that a game announced for PC/Mac is not, in fact, coming to the Playstation 3, or any console. This just in, Ford announces no plans to make Priuses. But PlayStation Universe yesterday, recalling rumors from 2006, asked a Blizzard rep when Diablo III would come to consoles. The non-answer answer: About never o'clock.

Now, in an interview with Joystiq that went up earlier today, Jay Wilson, the game's lead designer, was asked about the possibility of Diablo III coming to the consoles, and he spoke at length about Blizzard's vision for such a possibility.

Q: Do you have any plans for Diablo on consoles?

We don't have any plans.

Or not.

And guess what else - you're not going to be playing it on a mobile device either! Shock. Anyway, the remainder of Wilson's interview is, in fact, worth reading.


Joystiq asks why they went with a Battle.net model instead of an MMO (short answer: Battle.net model would be a "true sequel" to Diablo II, MMO would not). Also, while they're still mulling group limits in multiplayer co-op, Wilson makes it clear the game will be most fun in groups of four or, tops, eight. And they ask but get no answers about release time, number/type of character classes, and secret cow levels.

Joystiq Chats with Jay Wilson on Diablo 3 [Joystiq]