The recent weekend leak-fest, courtesy of marketing research company Intellisponse, yielded lots of possible upcoming Microsoft projects gleaned from surveys. There was the evidence suggesting that Mii-like avatars could be coming to Xbox Live, the rumored "Lips," a possible SingStar-type game, and word that a "social interactive" game show channel might be popping up on Live as well.

Don't assume, though, that these are bona-fide products: As the leaked info came from marketing surveys, it's possible Microsoft is simply testing some possibilities out, or evaluating audience reaction to certain concepts.

"We regularly test all kinds of concepts in market research with our Xbox community," said a Microsoft representative. "These may or may not be real products in development or ever be released to consumers."

The company declined to comment on the individual leaks or provide any specific confirmation or denial.


Intellisponse earlier declined to comment on the leak or on the concepts, calling them "rumor" and "speculation."