Mad Catz just rolled out a new line of pro flight controllers for the type of flight sim fanatics who want to be able to tinker with fuel mix and mindfully watch for warning lights while pretending to fly.

The new line includes $200 di-cast alloy rudder pedals, a $150 throttle, pitch and mixture system and a $149 blacklit information panel that can display 24 different windows that can light up commands and warnings in three different colors.


That's right, you can spend nearly $500 and still not own a yoke or program with which to use all of these fancy accessories.

I remember asking the Mad Catz folks earlier this year if they were worried about the drop in interesting in flight sims. They pointed out that Saitek doesn't really need many customers because the ones they have are such hardcore fanatics that they support the niche market. Now I see what they mean.

More details can be found over at the Saitek Blog.


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