This is the Analogue NT. It's a console that'll play both NES and Famicom cartridges. Think of it as an unofficial Nintendo console for design-conscious, affluent grown-ups.

And I do mean affluent. It's priced at $499. For that, you're getting a machine made from a single solid piece of aluminium, and one which - unlike cheaper Nintendo-playing consoles you can get - also uses the NES' original CPU and PPU.

For a more modern touch, though, it has a HDMI adaptor (sold separately, which can generate scanlines to match the appearance of an old CRT TV), and has 4-player support straight out of the box.

I know, it's $499, which is ridiculous, but then...with its looks, build quality and added features, it's also catering to a market which will probably be all over it.


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