50 Naked Men Fight To The Death In Skyrim, Because Mods

Illustration for article titled 50 Naked Men Fight To The Death In iSkyrim/i, Because Mods

Today at Kotaku HQ, we got a curious email titled "Skyrim is still thriving." In it, reader Bernard Beben posed the idea that Skyrim was still "going strong" despite its age. As evidence, he enclosed a video of a very NSFW playthrough of Skyrim.

Behold. This is the power of mods: you can make everyone naked, and then task them with suplexing and chokeholding each other until nothing is left standing. It's beautiful, in that sort of ridiculous sort of way only mods can be. It's also not something you'd want to watch if you're not okay with dongs and balls flying everywhere.

The best part about this is definitely the outtakes though. Man. You gotta love mods, eh?


P.S. Sometimes you guys send us the best emails.

50 NAKED FIGHTING MEN! | Skyrim | Funny Moments | Gameplay Mods | NPC Wars [DionDiBlank]


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