50 Cent Throws Down Over 50 Cent Game

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Hey, you. You any good at Gears of War? Or Uncharted? Fancy a shot at embarrassing a millionaire rap superstar? 50 Cent just gave you your shot.

See, Fiddy's been playing his upcoming game, Blood on the Sand - which looks part-Gears, part-Uncharted - and fancies himself at it. Fancies himself to such a degree that he's challenging all comers to a little wager:

I actually had the opportunity to play it, and I'm pretty good at it. If anybody out there wants to create a challenge or wants to bet some money online, we could play the game right now.


I'll beat you, Mr. Cent. I'll beat you for free, too. All you've gotta do is record a "WHEH MA SKHULL" message for my answering machine and I'll walk away a happy man.

50 Cent Challenges Anyone To Beat Him At His New Video Game, 'Blood On The Sand' [MTV]

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I'll take his challenge. The prize? A diamond encrusted skull.