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448 Minutes Of Transformers Movies Contain 19 Minutes Of Robot Combat

Illustration for article titled 448 Minutes Of emTransformers/em Movies Contain 19 Minutes Of Robot Combat

Watching a Michael Bay Transformers movie is a serious investment. When you add up the running time of the original trilogy, it clocks in just shy of 7.5 hours. That's practically a work day! Thank god they're all chock full of eye-melting robot-on-robot action.


Or so I thought. Then someone had to go and make a supercut of all the fight scenes from the first three Transformers films:

The YouTube clip is awesome, of course—just like the movies themselves were awesome. But the one thing that really stands out to me here is the length. It's barely 19 minutes long.


Nineteen minutes! That is an infinitesimal fraction of an epic movie series that's supposed to be explicitly centered around giant killer robots doing what giant killer robots do best: killing other giant killer robots.

Come on, Michael Bay. I like your movies more than most people do. But what do you think I spent 25 bucks to go see in IMAX 3D? Shia LaBeouf?

Please. Just give me more of the robot porn I so desperately need in my life.

Transformers Pure Action [YouTube]

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Mortal Dictata

Wasn't this already on io9?

Also I wonder how much of the total runtime is over-sexualisation of women, racist robots, and Michael Bay trying to tell the world how much he loves Megan Fox.

I'm guessing most of it.