40 Ways Dante Can Thrash Spider-Man In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Devil May Cry hero Dante has many, many moves in next month's Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You can see a whole lot of them in this new clip.


Some of us will be playing MvC3 using the game's simple controls, which reduces the number of button presses and the number of moves Dante and other characters in the game can perform. But if you play the game in its normal mode, you'll be able to do all of this as Dante and more.

Marvel Vs. Capcom, the tag-team fighting game that pits Marvel's hero's and villains against all-stars from Capcom games like Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and Mega Man will be out in February.


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Dante's 40+?? Moves Demonstrated by Keits (MvC3 Gameplay) [CrossCounterTV on YouTube]

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The Janitor

Odd to me that the guy is describing him as a "just frame" character, or stating he has "just frame" moves, but you can clearly here him tapping the shit out of his buttons.

Just frame inputs generally require only one specifically timed press at a certain point in an animation.

This guy is pretty mashy with his junk.