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4 Videos Of Resident Evil Games Looking Fantastic On The 3DS

Illustration for article titled 4 Videos Of Resident Evil Games Looking Fantastic On The 3DS

They were playing Resident Evil games on the Nintendo 3DS in Tokyo this past weekend. Were you not there? Neither was I. But we've video of the games being played. They look mighty good.

This is Resident Evil: Revelations... which I think might be the best-looking portable Resident Evil game I've ever seen.

This is Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D, which is based on the survival mode from Resident Evil 5 (pardon a couple of the pauses, the live-stream choked a few times).

And there is more Mercenaries 3D right here.

Finally, here's the trailer for Mercenaries 3D


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Um, the PSP2 would get 1/2 the power of the PS3 according some rumors? But this already looks better than any PSP or iPhone game I have ever seen, with other words this Resident Evil game on the 3DS already looks almost half as good as a goodlooking Xbox360 or PS3 game, despite the lower resolution screen and lower polygons count.

So the PSP2 can't possibly look better than this (without sacrificing batterylife and being ultra-expensive)? I just can't imagine that the PSP2 games can look so much better than this!

Remember of the more powerful videochips for the portable devices such as Nvidia's Ion2 or Tegra for handhelds are nowhere half as powerful as the gpu/videochip in the PS3. Or SONY has to include a 5000 or even 6000 mAh rechargeable battery with the PSP2 if they want the PSP2 to have true PS3 level graphics!?