4,158,323 Creatures 'Died' in Last Six Months of Dragon Age Development

Dragon Age Inquisition is a big game. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. In a chat with some people on the dev team though, they started to give me an idea...

The BioWare team killed more than 4 million animals and monsters during the last six months of development as part of testing and QA. The fact that they keep such strange and esoteric statistics makes me a bit jealous of the folks that work at BioWare. It seems that, even through a tough development process, they keep themselves in good humor about the whole thing.

  • 4,158,323 creatures 'died' during the last six months of development
  • Number of times the word "Nuggins" appears in the game: 18
  • Number of times Karin was testing multiplayer and thought the other Legionnaire was her, when in reality she was already dead: 2
  • 88,000 lines of voiced dialog
  • Close to 1 million voiced and written words in the game

For reference, Karin is BioWare Edmonton's lead editor and "Nuggins" is an animal in the game... though I can't help but read it as "noogie."

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