3DS XL Forced on the Circle Pad Pro

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While you probably wouldn't want to do this yourself (it certainly doesn't look comfortable!), one Japanese gamer apparently forced the recently released 3DS XL on the Circle Pad Pro and got it to recognize the larger 3DS—which makes sense!


Nintendo will release a Circle Pad Pro for the larger 3DS. If you don't like destroying game peripherals, it's probably best to wait for that.

[3DS]3DS LLに拡張スライドパッドを無理矢理付けるとそのまま認識するらしい [■■速報@保管庫(Alt)■■]

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I somehow completely missed the news thst the 3DS XL is getting its own circle pad; so I went to the old news story hoping to see people going "So this is why it doesn't just have a 2nd circle pad by default, so nintendo can gouge you for more money" instead its a bunch of people going "YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A SECOND STICK ANYWAY WHY WOULD WE EVER NEED THAT??!?!"

yeah, because every button based controller for over a decade has had the 2nd thumbstick as an optional extra....oh no wait nevermind its been the fucking standard to have 2 thumbsticks for a very good reason

nintendo fanboys are now completely delusional