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3DS Monster Hunter Trailer Has Some Bite to It

Here's a new trailer for Monster Hunter Tri 3G, which shows off some intense battles with the wide variety of monsters you will face.


The trailer starts off calmly, showing some exploration and cut-scenes, but quickly comes to life with soaring music and high-action combat sequences.

It's an exciting trailer, I will say, and the graphics look very nice. Good work, Capcom! I'm curious about how it looks running on the system with the 3D slider all the way up, because the effects could potentially be a little dizzying.


Regardless, the video displays some diverse combat, a plethora of big weapons and a host of different environments to play and fight in. A quick reminder that this is all single player footage, because the game will not have online gameplay.

The Wii version of Monster Hunter Tri was very successful, so this game should be looking to build off that. It is slated for release on Dec. 10 in Japan, with no release dates announced for other regions.

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I love monster hunter and I hate the fact that it the new one is 3ds exclusive.

Currently playing Monster hunter freedom unite on the psp before that monster hunter tri on the wii

Although this will be for the 3ds I am so excited for the Monster Hunter coming for the Xbox 360.