3DS Games Will Keep You Waiting

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Nintendo is recommending players take breaks every fifteen minutes while playing the 3DS in 3D. Who plays video games for fifteen minutes?


Nintendo is not alone. The fifteen minute break interval is also what the Korean government is recommending while viewing 3D.


Capcom realizes that most players don't play in chunks of 15 minutes. At the start of Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D, there is the following warning: "A ten minute break is recommended every 30 minutes."

But, let's say users are playing a longer game — like a role-playing game. Who plays a role-playing game for 30 minutes and then stops for ten minutes? Maybe you do, but you're a weirdo.

So, hypothetically, if a 3D role-playing game the size of Dragon Quest IX is released on the 3DS, the amount of time players could spend doing these recommended breaks could get absurd. Sure, you could always turn off the 3D effect, but then you're taking the "3D" out of "3DS", leaving you with merely an "S".

Sure, Capcom is probably just being cautious and Capcom doesn't make Dragon Quest games, anyway, so this is all pie-in-the-sky stuff. If you rush through Dragon Quest IX, you can probably complete it in 40 hours. If it were in 3D on the 3DS, you'd need to take breaks that add up to over 13 hours!


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Train rides in my countries only take an average 15 - 30 mins... so do the bus rides... (Singapore is a small City).. Does that mean I'm a wierdo? heheheheh