3D Realms "Situation" Won't Affect Duke Nukem Trilogy, Apogee

Illustration for article titled 3D Realms "Situation" Won't Affect Duke Nukem Trilogy, Apogee

Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms is reportedly out of gum, allegedly planned to close its doors this week. But that won't affect the other Duke Nukem game currently in development or Apogee Software.


Following rumored reports that Duke Nukem devs 3D Realms had given up the ghost, reps for publisher Deep Silver issued a statement that everything was going full steam on the Duke compilation. Additionally, the recently revived Apogee, as a separate entity, would continue.

"Deep Silver and Apogee Software are not affected by the situation at 3D Realms," reads the statement. "Development on the Duke Nukem Trilogy is continuing as planned."

Announced last year with a brilliant trailer, Duke Nukem Trilogy consists of Duke Nukem: Chain Reaction, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass and Duke Nukem: Proving Grounds.



yeah they should send the files to a competent studio that can get the game done in under a year or two like most reasonable games. Duke Nukem should have in no way EVER taken more then a couple years to make. esp since it started in 97 when the tech was alot lower and easier to program.