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NVIDIA, a company known for its graphics cards for PCs, today revealed a push for the living room of the future, with the release of software that allows PC gamers to play in 3D on their television sets.


The software is called NVIDIA 3DTV Play, and lets anyone with a 3D-capable laptop or desktop PC plug them into a 3D-capable television set and play supported games in, yes, 3D.

While this would apply to less than 1% of you, it's more of a show-off thing than something that'll sell millions, the good press generated by press events worth the cost to NVIDIA of developing something few people out there have the technology, let alone the will, to buy.


It'll be out in the Spring, and will sell for $40.

Interesting choice of image for the press release up there. It's like the Velociraptor Safari of my dreams.

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