360 Price Cuts Also Tipped For UK Market

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British sites are reporting that, ahead of an expected announcement later this week, Microsoft are to copy the rumoured North American moves by implementing both a price cut and a lineup shuffle for their range of 360 consolse.


MCV say that retailers across Britain are being told they can't order any/many existing 360 consoles, while VG247 go a little further and provide details, with the 60GB Pro to be discontinued (as expected) and the Elite to be dropped from £240 to £200. Which, incidentally, is the same price as a Wii.


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Wii is £170-£180. Unless you get a bundle with a few games I guess. Or thats the RRP?.

So for those folks from America;

Wii - £180($290)

360 Elite - £200($324)(was £240/$389)

PS3 Slim - £250($405) (was £300/$490)

All prices include 15% VAT(aka sort-of-sales-tax)

Which means we used to get the 360 cheaper than you guys. Which is odd, especially as it sells much better in US than anywhere else. Normally we get shafted on prices

(US conversion worked out with Googles "###gbp in usd" search tool)