360 Gets Old-School Role-Playing For A Buck

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"West" is a new indie game for the Xbox 360 that looks right up the alley of anyone who has ever played (and enjoyed) games like Pokemon or Mother.


It of course lacks the polish of those top-down, role-playing Japanese classics, but then, you can't get them for $1 on an Xbox console, either. West? It's $1.

West is the work of Bertius Games, and you can read more about the game over on the team's site. It should be available on the 360 Indie Game Channel on November 5.


[Bertius Games]

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Hey there,

I'm the guy who programmed and came up with "West". I'm a 19 year old kid who is currently in college.

West was not made in RPG maker, nor is that even possible at the moment to do on 360. I coded the engine from scratch over the last 10 months, and because I liked all the RPG maker had to offer, I tried to recreate all the important features that RPG maker offers in my game. So in my engine, it's possible to make "events" and such like you'd do in RPG maker, and they all seem to work the same way to the player. When it comes down to the engine portion, the way RPG maker handles events is actually very beneficial programming wise, so that's why I chose to re-replicate a lot of its features. (Meaning, the way RPG maker does things is actually a very smart way of doing things, in code, as I've learned).

The style of the game seems to look lame to some, but at least try the free demo before you give up on me. That's my personality, dry really, but I think you'll get a better sense of what "West" has to offer in symbolism and dialogue if you give it a try. It's goofy, it's a bit lame, but I think if you'll accept it for what it's worth (A dollar), it might just have a little bit more impact on the player than what I was able to flesh out in "Windows Movie Maker".

Thanks all for your comments, and thanks to Kotaku for writing.

-Bob Szymanski