360 Finally Gets Mouse & Keyboard Support

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This 360 has mouse & keyboard support! Yay! Except, sadly, it's not official support. Just the work of a modder. But hey, if he can do it, maybe you can do it too.


And if you can't, you can always buy it from him. XIM, the creator of the workaround, is selling the fix - which looks like it works by plugging your devices into a modified 360 controller - for $180. Yup. $180. That's steep, so steep it borders on extortion, but there's bound to be a sucker or three out there needing speedy mouse controls and faster text input that bad.

Xbox 360 Mod Gives Keyboard and Mouse Support At Long Last [Gizmodo]

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I'm not 360 savvy (I only got my elite three days ago), but I can plug my keyboard into it and it works?