Britain's Advertising Standards Authority say 99% of video games ads are responsible. This commercial, however, for the Xbox 360's video marketplace, is part of the remaining 1%.


The ad (which particular ad it is goes unnamed) basically claims you can buy movies. Which you can't, you can only rent them. A single user complained to the ASA about this, and that was enough to warrant a quick investigation by the body, who demanded the ad be pulled.

Because the ad focused on the Xbox 360 download function and new users could be influenced to purchase on the basis of being able to download and keep movies, we considered that the time limitation to play downloaded movies and the fact that they were being rented rather than bought were significant conditions that should have been clarified in the ad.

Microsoft's defence was that, because the ad was so short, they couldn't waste time spelling out every little piece of small print, but the ASA were having none of it.

Xbox 360 ads banned over small print [CVG]

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