360 Bike Finished, Looks...Yeah

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That Xbox 360 bike with control pad-themed dash we told you about last month is all done. If you're looking at it and can actually see yourself riding it - and hey, looking like that, it'll take some chops - know that there's only one, it's worth AUD$80,000 (USD$75,750), and even if you could afford it, you can't buy it, because it's been crafted for a competition run by GAME Australia.
It's Cruisin' Time - Xbox 360 Chopper Hits the Streets [Xbox Australia]


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What is so 360-ey about it? It is the wrong shade of green, and why didn't they make the wheels into a spiral patteren or something. oooo the dropped a logo on the seat!! As bikes go it looks good. As a 360 promo, it is a FAIL!! I should be able to look at it and tell what it is promoing. The controller gauge is very cool and all, but you have to be just about sitting on the bike to tell what it was "inspired" by.

If they had made 3/4 of the wheels red, I would know exactly what they were promoing. XD