3,000 Mega Man Fans Got This Lady A Job

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Making decisions by yourself on who to hire is hard. It's easier when you have 3,000 people do it for you, which is exactly what happened for this Mega Man Legends voice actress!


The game's studio Capcom had fans vote for their choice to voice in-game heroine Aero — hardly a standard practice — and the winner was Akemi Kanda. The voice actress is no stranger to Capcom titles, lending her pipes to Mega Man X: Command Mission and Mega Man Powered Up. She's also worked on Persona 4, Fatal Frame II and Clannad.

Typically, voice actors and actresses are picked up the game studios, but this time around Capcom opened up that choice to the masses. Makes sense as Kanda will be voicing heroine Aero, whose character design was also selected by, wait for it, the Japanese gaming public!


The eagerly awaited Mega Man Legends 3 is headed to the Nintendo 3DS at an unspecified date.

【3DS】『ロックマンDASH3 PROJECT』新ヒロイン「エアロ」のキャストが神田朱未さんに決定! [カタコト日記〜日々の徒然〜] [Pic]

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That seem's really cool and just wished they would do this more and more with their games. Not just capcom but other developer's. We are the gamers, We can tell you what you need to make it good, We decide if it's good or bad so why not just let us have input in any manner of ways contest or survey do it.

Company's don't realize that they don't have to take shots in the dark anymore. They shouldn't have to go through making bad games anymore.

The Casual, The Core, The Gramer, The I love Super mario bros. because all i need to do is jump gamer it doesn't matter we make the industry what it is and we want to keep it that way.