Mafia III Announced, Coming Next Year

Following the game’s official announcement last week, 2K Games is now ready to show us more—in the form of a reveal trailer.


Mafia III takes place in 1968 and stars Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran. We can see him take out a gentleman for his new family in the trailer. Plus there’s “House of the Rising Sun,” which is always great.

The game arrives on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year.

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i’m almost 100% sure someone will call me a racist for saying this but there sure didn’t seem to be many italian people in that for a game called “Mafia”.

Just saying the 1960’s and 70’s were like the golden age of the Mafia and most of that was in the northeast. Here we have a game set in Louisianna with a bunch of characters that look like Vigilante 8 concept art. Odd direction to take the series in.