"2D Fighting Game God" Gets Fan Site

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One word: Daigo. Yes, that Daigo. He's such a great Street Fighter player that another player has created a Daigo fan site.


As Capcom's Seth Killian points out, "It's not just a fan site, it's a really good fan site, even if you can't read a word of Japanese." The "collate data site" is packed with clips and Daigo info. Think of it as his greatest hits — and then some. Definitely worth checking out. Those living in the San Francisco area, can see his superplay first hand this weekend as he's playing a special exhibition match at the Street Fighter IV US National Championship Finals.

Pictured is me and my hair interviewing Daigo for Arcade Mania.

2D格闘ゲームの神:ウメハラ氏応援サイト [The Beast Daigo via Capcom]

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Is there a video of that interview anywhere Brian?