To: Crecente
From: Luke
Re: Scheduling for GDC... Still


Yes. Amazing, isn't it? :\

I turned 29 yesterday. No cake, no action figures, no booze. Slightly worrying, that.


Anyway, while I contemplate a year spent staring 30 in the face, here's what you missed:

Get Godlike Control Of Super Mario Bros. With Your Mouse
BioShock 2 Gets Name Change, Won't Feature Co-Op
So, How Many People Have Used PlayStation Home?
Lost & Damned "Outsells Killzone 2", Gives Us Sales Ballpark
Some Acer Gaming PCs Recalled For Overheating, Melting To Death
Finally, Pirate Costumes Come To Xbox Avatars
Blizzard Unveils New Battle.net

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Wow... a few old folks on here. Just kidding.. I am surprised though. And I welcome the wisdom that comes with older age.. which comes from experience.