I had a childhood game dream. It was to make a single game that combined Dark Forces, X-Wing and Privateer. I am nothing if not ambitious, but then, I am a lot less closer to my dream than Andrew Bado is.

He had a game idea 25 years ago, and ten years ago started making it. That's...a long gestation period, but he's finally got the game in good enough shape to get a Kickstarter campaign up and running, and he's also got the game up for voting on Steam Greenlight.


It's a Metroidvania title, which as explained above, has quite the history:

Legend of Iya (it's pronounced Ee-yah), has been my never-ending passion project as long as I can remember. Beginning with early 8-bit computers, and stretching all the way to present day, the game has changed, evolved and improved over the years, from a simple 8-bit run-and-jump to something far more compelling. The game has seen at least half a dozen iterations, each time dying, but being reborn as some kind of a stubborn freaking phoenix.

So it's nice to see the game's finally getting made. For real. The fact it actually looks great is just a bonus!

Legend of Iya [Kickstarter]

Legend of Iya [Steam Greenlight]

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