Valve is earmarking an impressive $25 million in marketing to make sure that everyone with functioning eyes knows that Left 4 Dead 2 is coming this November. That includes at least two putrid trucks, dedicated to promoting the game.


One of those trucks was spotted by Kotaku reader Britt, who not only supplied us with photos and video of the four-wheeled Left 4 Dead 2 billboard, but did some research. Who's ready for some L4D2 fuel efficiency stats?!

"There are two trucks in the Seattle area, one in Downtown Seattle around UW, and one in Bellevue," writes Britt. "They started driving around yesterday, and are on the job for at least 1 month. The trucks are bio-diesel, but still only get about 13 MPG."

But wait, Britt got even more technical detail from driver Henry, who I'm sure is doing a bang up job of obeying speed limits and keeping an eye peeled for pedestrians.

"The trucks can hold a maximum of 10 shots, that cycle at 6 seconds. Though for L4D2, they just have 2 pictures at 10 seconds," Britt says, a fact that can be backed up by windy cell phone video, footage that's about as exciting as using one's scrollbar in the gallery below.

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