Newsweek's N'Gai Croal is having quite the weekend, it sounds.

Not only is he hanging with the beautiful people during the lead up to the Super Bowl in Miami, he got a chance to share a Playstation 3 with Deanna Brooks, Playboy's Miss May 1998, and have his ass handed to him in Madden.

"That was impressive defensive pressure, if I do say so myself."

The founders of Level Up are all seated in a private room overlooking the pool of the South Seas Hotel in Miami's raucous South Beach district. We've got a Sixaxis controller in our hands, a Bravia LCD television staring us in the face, and a Playstation 3 with a copy of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 07 all fired up. But sitting right next to us is Playboy playmate Deanna Brooks—Miss May 1998, according to Google—with a grin-verging-on-a-smirk lighting up her face. And she's gleefully trash-talking our weaksauce Madden skills as her virtual Colts squash another attempt by our digital Bears to move the chains downfield.

In the story Croal talks a bit with Brooks about her gaming habits and in particular, her PS2 addiction.


Double Life: Playboy's Miss May 1998 and Level Up Face Off In Madden NFL 07 On the PS3 [Level Up]