2048 Is Harder When You Play It With Other People

Illustration for article titled em2048/em Is Harder When You Play It With Other People

Forget 'Twitch Plays Pokémon.' Now there's another madness-inducing multiplayer take on a game that was never meant to be played by more than one person.

Normally, you play 2048 as a puzzle game where you try to combine tiles that are multiples of 2. In this version, you still do that, only you have to deal with all the inputs from random people on the internet—which makes the game a tad more hectic, and potentially troll-able (read: more fun). Not everyone playing with you is gonna try to go for 2048, after all.

And if you're just not feelin' this, remember: you can always play Threes, the original game that gave rise to 1028, and eventually, 2048 itself.

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Off topic because who cares:

Anyone else on an android smartphone having Kinja wrap your comments from end to the start of a sentence for the last two weeks or so? Or capitalizing in the middle of a word? Or not letting you delete until you reorient your cursor elsewhere on the screen?

I only have this problem with Kinja. Its annoying as fuck to have to type comments in a note program and then paste.

Wondering if it's just my own problem?