2014's Best Trailer Is Already Here

And there's not an expensive cinematic sequence in sight.

This is the trailer for Crawl, an indie action/RPG that's coming to Steam. It has two things going for it.


The first is that trailer. It's just gameplay. Instructions. Vincent Price meets Mike Mignola meets Electric Wizard. It's fantastic. That narration. Ungh.

The second, though, is the game itself! Crawl is a multiplayer game where one person controls the hero fighting his way through a dungeon, while everyone else plays the part of not just monsters, but the dungeon itself, controlling stuff like traps.

If you manage to kill the hero, then bam, you become the hero.

It sounds, and looks, like a blast. Crawl is coming to PC, Mac and Linux. It's currently on Steam Greenlight, so if you think there's any point left in voting on that thing, you can vote here.


Fuuuck yes. Oh god. Oh god. Can't handle it... hype levels... overflowing!