2008 Interactive Fiction Competition Winners Announced

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For the last 14 years the denizens of the USENET group rec.arts.int-fiction have been keeping the Text Adventure flag flying with hundreds of new games and an annual competition to find the best of the year's crop. 2008 has seen 35 new entries with some real standouts both in quality of puzzles and a willingness to stretch the definition of text adventures/interactive fiction. First prize this year went to Jeremy Freese for his game Violet. Written in Z-Code (a modern reworking of Infocom's original adventure engine) the game sees you trying to write a 1000 word article while dealing with some unusual distractions. IF Comp 2008 Results: Congrats, Violet! [Grand Text Auto]


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Anchorhead was one of the best IF I've played, although the climax was a bit of a downer.

About the IFC website... there's barely enough usable information to discern why that particular game is getting the most votes compared to the rest. There's no review whatsoever, and the synopsis seem to originate from their authors (and thus deprive an objective view of it).

I'd play Violet, but what about the rest of the games, do I need to play each and every one of them to figure out what they're about? :(