2004's Star Wars Battlefront Gets Its Official Online Multiplayer Back

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As EA begin to wind down support for the latest Battlefront game, a surprise update has brought back online multiplayer for the original Star Wars: Battlefront, released back in 2004.


On Friday, both the Steam and GOG versions of the classic multiplayer shooter—which loads of people still prefer to the more modern takes on the series—had online multiplayer quietly restored as part of an update.

What’s more, both versions can play against one another via crossplay. This is unexpected and very cool, since official online multiplayer support had been missing from Battlefront—and loads of other classic EA or EA-owned games—since the 2014 closure of Gamespy.

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This game and it’s sequel are some of the most underrated games out there. KOTOR and Rogue Squadron might be the more famous Star Wars games but the original 2 Battlefront games were some of the most fun Star Wars games ever made. They felt like a fun Star Wars toybox, almost like your childhood action figure fights brought to life. The gameplay is great and the map design is also really good for it’s time. Also galactic conquest from the sequel is one of the coolest multiplayer modes out there.