20 Minutes of New Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay Shows Jungle Environment

Along with the new TGS trailer for Metal Gear Solid V came new gameplay footage. After all those videos with Afghanistan and Mother Base in it we can finally see what the game's greener, jungle map will look like, and how Snake manages to take down a whole army of enemy units in this new environment.


Minor spoilers and Japanese commentary from Hideo Kojima—who showed all this at Sony's booth—ahead:

via YongYea [YouTube]

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Amazing, I thought the entire game was just gonna be set in one big desert area, it seems like we'll be able to travel to different locales, I hope there's a winter/snowy level.

It's amazing that Kojima can render this huge, seemingly next gen, highly detailed (albeit uninhabited) environment on PS3/360. The size and scope of this is just so massive, Kojima is making the stealth game to end all stealth games.

I'm liking Big Boss's heavy armor, the shiny black color, the sculpted torso, the crotch belt straps and tall collar is very MGS1 Snake:

Been a while since we see this kind of sculpted six pack abs design in an MGS game. The last time we see this kind of sci-fi inspired armor are Olga Ninja and Solidus in MGS2.