1st-Person Perspective: The Strongest Female Characters

Here at Kotaku, we interview many wonderful video game creators and lots of powerful gaming executives. What we don't do—what we're going to do a lot more of—is interview the people who simply play video games.


To fix that, Kotaku video editor Chris Person and reporter Evan Narcisse ventured to downtown Manhattan shop Video Games New York and began asking regular gamers what they think about issues in and around video games.

We start now with a gamer from the Bronx named Robert who talked to us about his idea of strong female characters in games.

We'll have more 1PP videos in the next couple of days and we plan to do another batch in a month. We hope you enjoy them.

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I don't see it as much of an issue. I think gamers want to play as someone they relate to. The majority of gamers are male. Therefore it makes sense that the majority of protagonists are male. That makes sense right?