1994's NBA Jam Has Been Updated With 2021 Rosters

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Screenshot: NBA Jam 2K21

I love NBA Jam, and I love 90s basketball, but look, I don’t always want to play as Tom Gugliotta or Kendall Gill. Sometimes, I want to play NBA Jam and play as Alex Caruso or Bam Adebayo, and now I can.


This excellent mod for 1994's NBA Jam Tournament Edition (not 1993's NBA Jam) brings the game mostly up to date, adding current rosters (including the latest rookie class), fleshing the number of teams out to the full 30 (previous versions couldn’t get there, since there weren’t 30 teams in the league when the original game came out) and editing logos and uniforms where necessary.

Here’s some video of the latest version of the mod in action, and if you’re wondering who the players “Allen” and “Cage” are, it’s not Ray Allen and Michael Cage, it’s...Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and Johnny Cage, because this is NBA Jam, and it wouldn’t be NBA Jam without secret characters.

If you want to download the mod, you can get it here.

(Thanks Simon!)

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Kirk Chop

Now I need a NFL Blitz revival. Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans running over teams and dragging 3-4 would-be tacklers holding on to his legs for 15-20 yards at a time would be so freakin fun and hilarious.