198X Is Every 80s Game In One

198X, an upcoming game by a Swedish studio and team of international pixel artists, isn’t just set in the 80s. It’s visiting most of the decade’s biggest genres in the one game, from arcade driving to beat-em-ups to JRPGs.


The project is up on Kickstarter—I know, I know—but I’m digging the art so much I thought I’d share anyway.

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Anyway, here’s a look at the various genres being represented, with art provided by people from as far afield as France and Japan:

The game is about a kid visiting a suburban arcade, so these five genre homages aren’t just passing nods, they’re the core of the game, and you have to play through each of them.

They’re hoping (yes, yes, Kickstarter) to have it out in early 2019 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

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As someone who grew up in the arcades of the early eighties and the consoles (Intellivison) and PC’s (Commodore 64) of the time... I am tired of eighties retro games. I am also tired of eighties retro movies (remakes) and TV shows.

(I am willing to accept a return of neon, the white jacket no socks Miami Vice look and no open container laws.)