Number of Videos Available to Watch in PewDiePie's Official App

PewDiePie, the world's most popular YouTube personality has produced nearly 2,000 videos over 51 months, attracting 29.2 million subscribers. His YouTube career has been so successful that his multichannel partner, Maker Studios, has published an iOS app for fans to access his content on their phones and mobile devices more easily. That can only help PewDiePie's already stunning statistics.


If PewDiePie keeps to current trends, even conservative estimates would put him at over 7 billion views by the end of 2014. His worst performing day in the past month was July 5th, and he pulled in just under 12.4 million views. At that rate he'd have an additional 1.88 billion views by the end of the year, and again that's a very conservative estimate. By December 31st, we can also expect to see more 4.5 million new subscribers and 282 more videos.

via The Guardian

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