Please Enjoy Breath Of The Wild In 8K (If You Can)

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Screenshot: Digital Dreams

A few years back I was marvelling at Breath of the Wild in 4K. Now we are all free to admire the game running in 8K, and with some (shaded) ray tracing to boot.


That’s if you’ve got an 8K monitor. Since that’s almost nobody, the video here by Digital Dreams still looks incredible in 4K, 2K and even 1080p (thanks to the jacked-up settings and ray tracing shader used in this emulator), so you’re not exactly missing out.

For those just joining us/this scene, this is the Wii U version of the game running on a PC via the Cemu emulator, with its visual settings maxed out and a form of ray tracing enabled via a reshader. You can find more info on this stuff and some download links in the video’s comments section.

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Are there any quirks with controlling the game on an emulator without the special WiiU or Switch controllers?